Sunday, November 29, 2009

Duck Hunt: Eric Palzzolo

Eric Palzzolo
Hometown: lake villa, IL
Setup: nikon d2h, nikon fm1, olympus pen-ee, sunpak
flashes, pocket wizards, nikon sb28s and alot of film

Skater:Johnathan Cruz.
Trick: ollie
Spot: this photo right here is from a triple go SF
spot, federal banks. this ollie into small bank is
one thats tuffer then it looks. quick feet
and steep banks make for good photos.

Skater: Aaron Herrington
Trick: Ollie
Spot: This spot was right down the street from my place
in the TL. ryan g. and peter r. made this spot buy
nocking out one of the cross supports out so you
could grind the flat bar or ollie though, which is
pretty gnarly off a trick considering the sketchy
down hill curb cut bump.

Skater: Dane Nomelline
Trick: Wallie
Spot: danes kinda like the crock hunter when i
comes to finding spots. this spots he found in
the middle of no where, sometime i feel like
ive been everywhere in sf but when i skate
with dane we get cutty! random school yard inn sf.

Skater: Travis Erickson
Trick: Switch Ollie
Spot: this gem of a spot is right behind my work.
i sometimes skate this lil blue ledge down the
hill from the spot because i dont get that buck
anymore. when it comes to big snaps
over weird bars on steep hills i leave those things to travis.

Skater: andrew norris
Trick: Switch 180 50
Spot: another OG SF spot. powell st rails, you'll
see these every time you get off bart in downtown.
most ppl skate the other rail against the wall, i
figure this is cause if you kick away on this
rail you will break the glass behind it, andrew
comes though with the photo and got it inn a line too. fyi haters.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Duck Hunt: joe Krolick

Joe Krolick
Age: 29
Hometown: Trenton, NJ - Huntington Beach, CA
Setup: Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II,
Q Flashs, Freewires, Nikon SB26s

Skater: Geoff Rowley
Portrait for Vans Catalog
Spot: This was my first time shooting a whole
catalog let alone a Geoff Rowley portrait. 2
soft boxes and 1/2 hour later we
knocked out. I got lucky!

Skater: Scott Kane
Trick: Backside Nosegrind
Spot: This spot is right down the street from
the Belmont Pool ledges. I like the simplicity
and city logo on the can.

Skater: Christian Hosoi
Spot: Huntington Beach
Simple on camera flash and a little help from CS3

Skater: Kurtis
Trick: Fs Blunt transfer
Spot: El Segundo, Ca
Found this spot one
day by LAX and was surprised no one
hit it. Soon after this photo ran as a
WORLD ad Justin Eldridge had a
photo in a your article claiming is
was in Kansas or something.

Skater: Sean Mazza
Trick: Roll In
Spot: Chino, Ca
Sean always has the pool hookup!
This was a barge pool in the Inland Empire. You
have to watch your back always for neighbors
and cops. I still think rolling in on anything
with vert is sketchy. The cleanliness and
solitude of the photo stokes me
wanna skate a pool.

Skater: Scott Kane
Trick: BS Noseblunt
Spot: Temecula CA
Random BMX made quarter pipe.
Scott has the best Backside noseblunts.

Skater: Van Wastell
Trick: Ollie
Spot: Sydney Australia
Just a warm up before I had to pick up my
video camera to film. Miss you buddy!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Duck Hunt: Saeed Rahbaran

Name: Saeed Rahbaran
Age: 19
Inspiration: My pops
Setup: Nikon

Trick: Ollie
Skater: Matt Zicopula
Spot: Las Vegas , NV

Trick: Switch heelflip
Skater: Derek Fukuhara
Spot: Los Angeles, CA

Trick : Noseblunt
Skater: Ryan Spencer
Spot: Los Angeles, CA

Trick: Noseblunt
Skater: David Bow
Spot: Las Vegas, NV

Trick: Nosebone grab
Skater: Zach Wagner
Spot: Los Angeles, CA

Trick: Switch ollie
Skater: Ty Brown
Spot: San Francisco, CA


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Duck Hunt: Danny Dorsa

Name: Danny Dorsa
Age: 20
Home: Orlando / West Palm Beach, FL
Inspiration: Skateboarding and its endless possibilities
Setup: Canon, Bronica, Sunpak, Pocket-Wizard

Trick: Crook Popover
Skater: Ryan O'Connor. This spot is sketchy. It's super
wobbly, with some shitty run up. I tried to
emphasize the pole at the end of the rail without
the skater losing focus.

Trick: Ollie
Skater: Kevin Shealy. I wanted to show the
whole scene for this photo. It's obvious that
the drop is big, but I wanted people to see
more than just the spot. I also shot it natural light.
Location: Orlando

Trick: Pivot Fakie
Skater: Aaron Collier. This spot is amazing.
Pivot fakie isn't the gnarliest trick, but it's so
good looking. I loved the surroundings of this
spot so I knew I had to shoot a photo here, no
matter what trick.

Trick: Backside Wallride
Skater: Bert Wootton. Growing up, I always
skated the ledge that was at this spot. I never
thought about skating the spot like that.
Some how, his board never
went in the water once.



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Duck Hunt: Nate Legsdin

Name: Nathan Legsdin
Age: 25
Home: Various cities throughout
Inspiration: People. The subject matter is endless and
when someone gets hyped on something you
shot, that just pushes you keep doing what you love.
Setup: HVX200, Century Xtreme Fisheye, the sun.

Trick: Backside Disaster
Skater: Justin Clement, It’s the colors! This pic just
comes together well overall. It was one of those
overcast days that look depressing as fuck out but for
pics it just looks…apocalyptic? Plus with the graffiti
and prolly one of the hardest tricks you
could do on this thing, it just works.
Spot: Pembroke, NH

Trick: Switch 5-0
Skater: John Desimas, A few issues back Thrasher had an
article with the Real team where there was a photo of James
Hardy doing the same trick. I really only chose
this pic to give John the recognition of doing it
first. It’s fitting considering the whole “duck hunt”
idea. Unless you have a name or shoot with
someone who has a name no one is
interested. Cest la vie though right?
Spot: Boston, MA

Trick: Switch Backside Heelflip
Skate: Dave Bachinsky, Y’all know Dave! nuff said.
Spot: Lawrence, MA

Trick: Ollie
Skater: Brian Kennedy, BK charges, there’s no question.
On our way back from Cali last year I let him take
wheel for a bit only to wake up to my car making
some obnoxious noise because he’d been doing a
buck an change for a few hours. This is at the
Navy Yards in Boston and is one of the most
massive things I’ve seen anyone skate.
Spot: Boston, MA

If you Like these photos and want to let him
know or are in the area and want to shoot
some photos hit him up!



Friday, May 1, 2009

Transworld Hype: Civilized Sundays

Guys over at Transworld were nice enough
to hook us up with a Civilized Sundays, so hype!
Peep Game!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Duck Hunt: Jeremy Adams

Name: Jeremy Adams
Age: 24
Home: East Los Angeles, Ca
Inspiration: To show people something they
can't see on a everyday basis, its my interpretation
on how i see the world of skateboarding.
Setup: Canon, Some Flashes, and Stands

Trick: Gap Backside 5-0
Skater: Andrew Pott, He knows Wat spots he
wants to skate! He asked to go to this spot to
check out and out the car he kickflips over it
2nd try, then he's like "i want to grind it!" So two
tries later boom does it, I shot the photo to show
how big the gap is. I mean how f*cked is it to grind
a newspaper bow!
Spot: Downtown LA

Trick: Switch Heel
Skater: Manny Santiago, I shot this photo in
the middle of the gap to show how big it is, it
sucked that you hit a huge poll after the gap,
if you were regular you wouldn't have it the poll
but i need u to face me for the photo!
Spot: Downtown LA

Trick: Front Krook
Skater: Luis Tolentino, I wanted to show
the tweaked as f*ck long frontside krook
and wanted to show downtown. The spot is a
new spot in LA and people think its sketchy
but not for Luis! He is from NYC so nothing
for him in the west coast is sketchy, i thought
the spot would be perfect for him.
Spot: LA

If you Like these photos and want to let him
know or are in the area and want to shoot
some photos hit him up!



Friday, April 17, 2009

Duck Hunt: Frankie Martinez

Name: Frankie Martinez,
Age: 22 years old,
Home: Azusa (L.A County), California
Inspiration: Photography keeps me from being
a complete waste of space, the process helps me to
see things a little bit differently.
Setup: cellphone camera and a few flashlights. (haha)

Trick: Frontside Ollie
Skater: Patrick Ryan,
Patrick had told me about this ramp
in the back of some random kids
house, the ramp was about 5 1/2 feet
tall, huge gaps in the Masonite someone
might as well go bondo... walked away
with quite a few photos that day,
the kid kills tranny.
Spot: Los Angeles County, CA.

Trick: Front Board, No Run up
Skater: Chad Kelley
It was a spur of the moment photo,
looking back on it i wish i would have
been able to show how jacked and short
the runway is, this rail is right outside
the famous ledge spot Chafey
high school, i had never seen the
rail skated before.
Spot: Chafey High school

Trick: Ollie Gate
Skater: Matt Fitzgerald
This spot is gnarly as F#&K, i believe the kid
was 16 when we shot this photo and without
a single sponsor...the photo speaks for itself..
you gotta have mad juice to pop and ride
away from that spot.
Spot: Glendora High school

If you Like these photos and want to let him
know or are in the area and want to shoot
some photos hit'em up!



Monday, April 13, 2009

First Try At Rye

"First try at RYE"....

Everyone loves Pat??

Plaza Sesh With Manny Fresh Contest Video

Manny Fresh Contest at Rye Video.
Filmed and Edited By: Mark Lovett